No secrets for a mum

“Tell me briefly, simply and clearly what’s going on here”.
“Mum, what do you mean exactly?”, he said blankly.
“You’re awfully drunk”, she replied mercilessly.
“Please, speak gently”, the other guy told her peacefully.
“You’re disgustingly worse than you brother”, the mother shouted sharply.
“Sorry, mum. Honestly, I really don’t feel well”, the third responded, staggering perilously.
“And you? Why are you snickering underhandedly?”, the woman cried furiously to her daughter.
“Who? Me?” she answered distractedly peeking furtively at the bottles hidden under the bed.
“Go out! Immediately!”, the mother yelled categorically.
Silently, the guys left the room ruefully.

(pubblicato nell’antologia “Adverbs Writing Challenge – Vol. 5, 2020)

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